Shri Chamunda ji-Dharamsala, Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Masroor Temple

21 Oct

Masroor Temple – Sightseeing

The Masroor Temples are rock cut temples, sometimes called the Ellora of Himachal. They are believed to have been first built by Pandavas while they were travelling through these mountains; historically they belong to the 7th and 8th centuries. They must have been built by the Katoch Dynasty; the information available is very less though. The temples are magnificent structures, carved into the rock and rising towards the heavens. These are covered with amazingly detailed carvings depicting Shiva, Kartikeya, Indra, Surya, as well as many forms of the goddesses. The main shrine today has idols of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana found here during the excavation though it is believed to have been a Shiva Temple. Steps cut into a mountain nearby and lead to a sort of store house, where some broken idols were found. This hillock also provides a superb view of the temples against the Dhauladhar Ranges in the background.

Masroor is 32 km away from Kangra and 51 km from Dharamsala